Char Dham Yatra by Helicopter- 6 Nights 5 Days Tour

Chardham Yatra Package


FROM 1,75,000/- PER PERSON

Heli Darshan offers the best Chardham yatra by helicopter. The religious Yatra will begin and end at Dehradun, covering all four Dhams, Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath. The Chardham helicopter yatra is the most comfortable and suitable way to visit these pilgrimage sites.

The Chardhams are four Hindu spiritual and holy places in Uttarakhand’s Himalayas and are a ladder for devotees that leads them toward salvation. Chardham helicopter booking is open, so begin your journey of peace by visiting these Chardhams.  

Enjoy our Luxury CharDham Yatra by Helicopter

We offer a phenomenal Chardham yatra by helicopter, covering all the local sightseeing with comfort and luxury.

Helidarshan offers a Chardham Yatra by helicopter. You can enjoy the beauty of the Himalayan Mountain range as the surroundings are beautifully visible from above during the helicopter ride. Moreover, helicopter rides save your time and energy, as trekking can be difficult and time-consuming.

A few highlights of our Chardham Yatra are listed below:

  • Helicopter Ride- A helicopter ride to each of the four Char Dham sites—Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath—is included in the tour package. The Himalayan Mountain range and the surroundings are beautifully visible from above during the helicopter ride.
  • Stays- Depending on the quality and price of the tour package, stays are included in hotels, resorts, or guest houses.
  • Meals- Our tour package includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Transportation- We provide transportation from the landing areas to the Dhams as part of our opulent Chardham package.
  • VIP Darshan- Every temple, shrine, and other popular tourist attraction is included in our opulent Chardham package.

Your safety is our topmost priority. Keeping your safety in mind, we take all the necessary precautions. You’ll get a properly sanitized and clean helicopter for your ride.

Your exciting yatra journey includes visits to all four temples, local sightseeing in each location, and the Maha Abhishek Pooja or Vishnu Sahasranamam Path at Badrinath, among other things. This divine Yatra concludes with a stay at Sarovar Portico in Badrinath before departing for Dehradun.

For more details regarding the Chardham tour package by helicopter, you can drop your query, and our travel experts will contact you.

  1. If inclement weather, technical difficulties, or any other unavoidable event beyond Helidarshan's control results in the cancellation of the flight, Helidarshan Services will not be held responsible in any way. Customers will still receive a refund under our refund policy. Any inconvenience caused by canceled flights is beyond the operator's control. Passengers will not be compensated or reimbursed for additional travel costs such as lodging, transportation, meals, or any other expense in the event of a flight cancellation.
  2. Due to the previously mentioned reasons, if the tour departs Dehradun at a different time than expected, our team will suggest a potential revised itinerary that would still fit within the time frame of our package without adding any extra time.
  3. If flying is not possible for the entire day, the trip will be canceled, and you will get a full refund under our policies.
  4. You can apply the balance or unused portion of the previous booking against the new one. Passengers will be responsible for covering any additional costs that might arise.
  5. New Dodham passengers scheduled to depart from Dehradun on any given travel date will take precedence over backlog passengers from previous days.
  6. If the schedule is disrupted during the tour, our team will propose a possible revised itinerary that is within the scheduled package duration but does not extend timings.
  7. If passengers request it, the package will only be extended at an additional cost and subject to operational viability.
  8. If passengers become stranded for an additional night due to inclement weather or other force majeure circumstances, they will be responsible for paying additional night halt fees directly to hotels.
  9. An emergency ferry flight for any passenger will cost the party INR 100,000/hr plus GST if required by the passenger.
  10. After the booking is confirmed, the passengers will be responsible for paying any increases in fees imposed by the government, taxes, or Temple Authority prices. Clear all the dues before the tour start.