Chardham Helicopter Yatra by Air | Uttrakhand Tourism 

Chardham Helicopter Yatra by Air | Uttrakhand Tourism 

The spiritual journey of the Chardham Yatra by air brings a sanguine smile to every pilgrim. People visit Uttarakhand to make a deep obeisance to four holy sites that start from Yamunotri, lead to Gangotri, Kedarnath, and conclude on Badrinath. Situated amidst the Himalayas, these four holy shrines give an enthralling view of nature’s beauty. There had been a conventional method of concluding the Chardham yatra by trekking in the past, which had made the journey arduous; however, now, since the inception of technology, it has become possible to complete the yatra within two days through the Chardham yatra by helicopter. To complete the yatra in a convenient and hassle-free manner, helicopter services have made it easy for every pilgrim. So begin your spiritual journey to the Chardham Yatra by helicopter today. 

Helicopter yatra experience 

By making the tedious expedition of completing the Chardham Yatra easy, the Chardham Yatra by air is a modern approach to an ancient pilgrimage. It provides a time-efficient, comfortable journey and a better alternative for pilgrims. The journey offers a plethora of experiences and takes pilgrims on a mesmerizing aerial tour of the holy shrines.

Itinerary- Chardham Yatra by helicopter, 

Day 1- Dehradun to Yamunotri

On your first day, you have to reach the government helipad on Sahastradhara Road, Dehradun, which is the start and end point of this Chardham yatra. As the trip is planned, the flight timing will be specified to you in advance, and thereafter, the pilot and staff will brief you about the trip and the required information. At this point, you will depart for Kharsali, and on arrival at Kharsali, your journey begins to Yamunotri, the source of the Yamuna River. The helicopter service will allow you to land near the temple, minimizing your travel time. 

Day 2- Kharsali to Gangotri

Your next stop at the holy shrine is Gangotri, the origin of the holy Ganges. From here, after having your breakfast, you will proceed to Harsil by helicopter. Thereafter, the helicopter will land at Harsil, and from there, pilgrims will be transported to Gangotri temple, ensuring a convenient and comfortable pilgrimage. 

Day 3- Gangotri to Kedarnath 

At this juncture, you will fly to Phata Helipad, from where you will be able to reach Kedarnath, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas and the abode of Lord Shiva. From Helipad, you will reach Kedarnath Temple in 15 minutes. The convenience of a helicopter ride will provide you with a majestic view of Kedarnath Temple. 

Day 4- Guptakashi to Badrinath 

The final leg of the Chardham Yatra by helicopter will fly you to Badrinath from the Badrinath helipad. The helicopter will land near the temple, allowing you to easily access the sacred shrine. 

Day 5- Badrinath to Dehradun 

After concluding your journey to the four holy shrines, it will all be in vain if you miss out on the opportunity to witness the Maha Abhishek of the Lord Badrinarayan, which creates a spiritual experience for the pilgrims. 

 Advantages of Chardham Helicopter Yatra 

  1. Time efficiency: Chardham yatra by helicopter ensures proactive steps to improve the entire journey, thereby saving your time efficiently and enabling devotees to complete the pilgrimage in a single day.
  2. Comfort and convenience: with the advent of the Chardham yatra by helicopter, every person can enjoy the holy pilgrimage with alacrity. This makes the Yatra accessible to a broader range of devotees, including the elderly and those with physical limitations. Providing them with a comfortable and convenient journey. 
  3. Spiritual fulfillment: in the spiritual journey of Chardham Yatra through helicopters, people seek blessing without the physical challenges of traditional yatra routes, which makes them deeply immersed in the divine atmosphere of each shrine. 

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